What A Dollar Buys

$104 pays for a car seat for one child

$150 pays for the electric bill for one month for one family

$330 pays for one crib or toddler bed

$390 provides diapers for 5 toddlers for a month

$520 pays for lot rent of a manufactured home for one month

$650 pays for one food voucher of $50 for 13 families

$780 provides unsubsidized childcare for one month

$910 pays for 6 mattresses

$1,040 pays for 41 families first aid kits

$2,600 pays for school supplies for 52 children

$5,200 provides Permanent Supportive Housing for one family for four months

$7,800 pays for three baby showers for 50 High Risk pregnant women

$10,010 pays for 160 hours of case management/ social work services


While many of us can plan for contingencies, struggling families are often one paycheck or one sudden and unexpected development away from homelessness, hunger, or joblessness.
This brief helping hand often makes the difference for them.
We hope you will consider helping us make that difference.
Many of the families served by Families First of Palm Beach County struggle to provide the basics for themselves and their children and some need a bit of extra help in order to remain self-sufficient. Even a brief loss of a job or other life-changing circumstance can leave a family behind in rent, unable to pay the month’s utilities, or without funds to fill their car’s tank with gas. Just providing a month’s help with one or more of these needs often makes a difference between self-sufficiency or loss of homes or jobs.
When we receive urgent requests, we do our best to respond with client service funds we set aside. These funds also help us provide developmental toys and therapeutic items for behavioral health services and other needed items.
Unfortunately, our funds for such emergency services are limited, so we are turning to you to help us replenish our funds so that we can continue to help those who need us.
Your support is vital to ensuring the work of Families First continues in our Community.  For every dollar you donate, a child in Palm Beach County is significantly impacted.