Welcome to Families First of Palm Beach County

Welcome to Families First
of Palm Beach County

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For over three decades, Families First has been providing a hand up to families so they can find their way back to self-sufficiency and provide safe, loving homes for their children. Our services are directed toward family strengthening, health, behavioral health, and housing.

Many of the 51,000 children and family members served through our prevention and early intervention services since 1990 have returned to being contributing, self-sustaining members of our communities – saving taxpayers millions of dollars in dependency and criminal justice services, special education, homeless services, and financial aid.

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This year, join a community of people helping our families overcome tremendous obstacles in raising their children healthy and safe. Your donations will help Families First reach more people through prevention and early intervention and reduce instances of domestic violence, poverty, homelessness or addiction.


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Babies in our program who are free of HIV after born to mothers with HIV

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Maternal Child Health and Infant Mental Health Programs

Families First Maternal Child Health and Infant Mental Health Programs support children and families at the earliest point possible, from prenatal care to age six. We build strength across communities though outreach and delivery of our proven programs, Healthy Families, Child First and our Infant Mental Health Services.

When you’re a new parent or caregiver, it can be overwhelming, confusing and, yes, scary. Our maternal child health and infant mental health programs help guide new parents on their journey of parenting our youngest children. This critical time in the life of a family is our opportunity to inform, impart skills, develop bonds, and connect resources that circumvent potential trauma and break patterns of generational adversity.

Learn About Our Healthy Families Florida Program

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Behavioral Health and Community Support Programs

Families First Behavioral Health and Community Support Programs support families with children ages six to twenty-two, including help for kinship or guardian caregivers, permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless families in the western communities, and social emotional wellness programming so our youth are successful in school, home, and community.  Here is where we build resilience: given tools and encouragement, children and families can learn and practice skills to overcome hardship. When future challenges come, they are faced from a place of confidence, resourcefulness, and strength.

How does this really work? We empower families to be experts of their situation, starting with their positive qualities and building from there. Families know what they need, and we listen. We honor their dynamics and diversity as trusted, respectful partners. Together we build strengths that empower families to own their future.

Learn About Our Behavior Health Services

Learn About Our Kin Support Program

Learn About Our Bridges to Success Program

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