Welcome to Families First of Palm Beach County

Welcome to Families First
of Palm Beach County

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For over three decades, Families First has been providing a hand up to families so they can find their way back to self-sufficiency and provide safe, loving homes for their children. Our services are directed toward family strengthening, health, behavioral health, and housing.

Many of the 47,000 children and family members served through our prevention and early intervention services since 1990 have returned to being contributing, self-sustaining members of our communities – saving taxpayers millions of dollars in dependency and criminal justice services, special education, homeless services, and financial aid.

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This year, join a community of people helping our families overcome tremendous obstacles in raising their children healthy and safe. Your donations will help Families First reach more people through prevention and early intervention and reduce instances of domestic violence, poverty, homelessness or addiction.


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Provides safe and stable environments for the healthy growth and development of children

When you’re a new parent or caregiver, it can be overwhelming, confusing and, yes, scary. Our family strengthening programs help guide new parents, as well as grandparents who are raising children, on their new journey. Our programs also work with families to decrease the incidence of serious emotional disturbance and abuse and neglect among high-risk young children. Our goal is to make families the best they can be in preparing their children to realize their full potential.

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Offer innovative outreach services to women at risk of unhealthy pregnancies and births

There are a lot of women at risk of unhealthy pregnancies and births but they may not know it or don’t want services to help them. We aim to change that. Our trained staff works traditional and non-traditional hours, looking for women in places they frequent – laundromats, business establishments, housing complexes and elsewhere. Then, they engage the women, develop trust, and let them know about services that are available to them, including prenatal care, substance abuse, and HIV care.

Learn About Our TOPWA Program

Services improve behavior health in children to enable them to learn and thrive in home and school

When a child acts out, is it just a stage of development or something more serious? Many times, it takes a professional to figure that out. Behavioral and mental health issues in children disrupt their ability to learn, to develop attachments and to thrive in their homes. They put strains on families that can lead to school failure, violent behavior and mental health issues that continue into adulthood. Our preventive and early intervention services help turn around the lives of both the children and their families and return things to normal functioning.

Learn About Our Behavior Health Services

Homeless services aim to put disabled families into stable housing and living self-sufficiently

We provide homeless residents diagnosed with a medical or psychological disability with permanent housing. Our program works with families in Royal Palm Beach and the Glades area of Palm Beach County. The long-term goal is to get them into stable housing as well as live self-sufficiently. For every homeless family we serve, we save taxpayers about $21,000 in various services.

Learn About Our Bridges to Success Program

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