Infant Mental Health

Infant Mental Health is a therapeutic practice that is focused on the social emotional development of a baby age zero to five. The Infant Mental Health therapists receives specialized therapeutic training to assess and intervene with families to support healthy attachment relationships and parenting practices. 

Having a new baby can be a wonderful but also extremely stressful time for a family, especially for those with limited resources or a history of trauma. Early attachment relationships are known to be the foundation for healthy cognitive, emotional, and social functioning. The Infant Mental Health therapist is there to support families through the first few years of a baby’s life by providing interventions that are tailored specifically to the family’s individual needs.

The early therapeutic work is essential to preventing future mental health disorders for children and to ensure safety for the most vulnerable infants and toddlers. The Infant Mental Health Therapist uses a variety of trauma informed therapeutic techniques to work with young children, their caregivers, and their preschool providers in the home or childcare center.

Public Impact

According to the CDC the cost of ACES to families and communities is in the billions each year. They estimate that a 10% reduction in ACE’s could equal a savings of $56 billion in North America ( The goal of IMH therapy is to reduce the amount of ACE’s a child is exposed to early in life and providing treatment to the family early to mitigate the impact of trauma exposure.

Project Outcomes

In 2022, this program served a total of 25 families (caregiver-child dyads).

100% of the caregiver-child dyads increased safety and security within the parent-child relationship so the child will return to a normal developmental trajectory.

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