We Believe

Better Communities Begin with Children

We place the needs of children at the center of family, home, and community to create positive, lasting change.

Partnership is Powerful

We are true partners, delivering family-centered solutions within a genuine culture of respect, professionalism, kindness, and heart.

Empowered Families Own the Future

All families can gain the confidence and skills to build a healthy, resilient, and resourceful home for themselves and future generations.

Resilience Overcomes Adversity

Given hope and support, children and families can grow stronger in the face of adversity caused by unsafe, traumatic, violent, unhealthy, and impoverished conditions.

Families Are the Experts

Families know what they need, and we listen.

Together we build upon strengths that promote health, stability, and happiness.

Family is Made in Many Ways

We honor families in all their diversity, championing the bonds among family members, relations, caregivers, and friends, both natural and by choice.