Operations Board

Diane Andre, Esq.

Diane Andre is a seasoned policy analyst with a wealth of experience spanning both the public and private sectors. Currently, she works for the Florida Legislature, where her expertise is instrumental in providing recommendations on critical legislation, legal analyses, and policy.
In addition to her legislative role, Diane has made significant contributions to conducting extensive market and political research for local election campaigns. She specializes in identifying key constituencies and creating influential strategies to impact voter turnout in local elections. Prior to her foray into government and politics, Diane refined her analytical skills at Teitler & Teitler, LLP in New York City.

Diane’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree from the City University of New York and a law degree from Howard University School of Law. Throughout her career, she has consistently prioritized cultivating trusting relationships with constituents, lobbyists, advocacy organizations, elected officials, industry associations, and stakeholders. She places great emphasis on fostering open dialogue and collaboration to effectively address community needs. Diane derives deep satisfaction from dedicating her efforts to serving the public interest and fortifying community bonds.