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Philanthropy influencer Denise Fraile inspires vulnerable children and their families

(Palm Beach County, July 08, 2024) When vulnerable children and their families – some of whom are homeless – speak with Philanthropic Influencers like Denise Fraile, authentic mission connections happen, and hope is renewed. During a family event for The Kin Support program an authentic mission connection was realized as Denise Fraile spent the day at Okeeheelee Park meeting, but most importantly actively listening as families shared their heart-felt stories through tears and laughter highlighting how grateful they were to Families First of Palm Beach County (FFPBC) for the amazing support they’ve experienced as a participant of The Kin Support program.

Denise remarks, “their stories highlight the incredible resilience and sacrifices these individuals make to provide children with loving homes and fulfill their needs. These families represent some of the true superheroes of our community. They count on us for support, and as a community, we owe it to them to help as much as possible.”

Chief Executive Officer, Julie Swindler says, “Denise is an invaluable asset to both our Development Committee and Foundation Board. Her dedication to serving our community is truly commendable, and her efforts to increase awareness of our organization and its mission are remarkable.”

Denise is excited and humbled to be named the 2024 Families First Annual Children’s Day Luncheon Chair, enabling her to further amplify the organization’s impact. In 2023, Denise also served as the event chair where she orchestrated an exhilarating event. Denise has dedicated relentless time and effort helping nonprofits within the community of Palm Beach County for over 15 years. Her fundraising efforts are known to have broken records for the organizations she supports, showcasing her exceptional leadership and commitment.

Since 1990, FFPBC has served over 54,000 children and their family members through prevention and early intervention cutting-edge programs. Denise’s leadership as a Foundation Board Member and her relentless time and efforts helping nonprofits within the community ensures that FFPBC can continue to give families in crisis the support they need to thrive.

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